Smart Hot Water Storage - Solar Hot Water Cylinder

Varmeco Smart Hot Water Cylinder/Storage for Solar Heating SolarQi Germany

varmeco Conductive Stratification Storage Unit & Buffer Storage Cylinder

This Solar Hot Water Cylinder is sufficient to supply all the water you need for a household of up to six people. This highly efficient, CFC free, insulated steel tank keeps the water at its temperature for over 48 hours.

Solar Hot Water Cylinder Specifications

This cylinder is available in manufactured sizes from 500 litre to 1,000 litre to supply all your hot water and thermal heating in one. (The buffer storage cylinder does not necessarily need to be from Varmeco.) Although its main heat source is the solar power, it can be connected to any wood burner with wetback, a heat pump, gas or electricity backup to keep warm on rainy days.

How it works

The hot water storage is the heart of the system with closed loops to all the other components of the system. It has an integrated patented technique which optimises the precision of the load and flow in and out of the storage tank with no turbulence creating three temperature layers.

The hot water on top of the cylinder heats up the domestic water. This occurs through an external heat exchanger in the fresh water module so that the water flows back only 5-7 degrees lower into the intermediate storage zone.
This temperate water within the closed loop system is available for the installation of under floor circuits, wall, and pool heating. The bottom of the storage cylinder is to be kept as cool as possible for the efficient running of the solar panels and for a heat pump if there is one.


This innovative German water storage technology is maintenance free and has an extremely long life span without any risk of boiler scale or rust.