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ThermoSolar TS300 Solar Panels

ThermoSolar TS300 have the potential to generate all of you hot water needs.


These flat solar panels with a super sleek low profile have a high performance of 1379W. They have a gross area of 2.03m² and weigh only 37kg. There is a wide range of installation kits to fit from 2 to 10 panels suitable for most roof types and sites.
New Zealand AS/NZS 2712 Certificate

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Solar Rosa Home, Nelson - New Zealand

Glycol Heat Transfer Fluid

Glycol can be heated to very high temperatures and contains anti-freeze properties. This makes it a perfect heat transfer agent as it travels through the unique one piece meandering pipe built into the panel. The insulated piping then transfers the heat from the solar panels to a high quality Varmeco Solar Pump Station.


ThermoSolar panels do not require any maintenance and have been designed to withstand high temperatures. The glass does not require cleaning and there are no user serviceable parts.

Panel performance warranty

ThermoSolar panels have a 20 years performance guarantee and an expected lifetime of more than 35 years. Due to the unique design of the panels they will not corrode, overheat or freeze.
ThermoSolar panels are each filled with 1.57litres of a heat transfer fluid, Glycol. This ensures the system will have a long life with optimum performance.

TS330 Solar Panels horizontal installation: (TS300 for vertical installation)

TS330 solar panel horizontal installation

Solar Panel Introductory Price $1,399