RESOL Delta Sol - Solar Controller / Automation

Easy Solar Heating Controller

The solar and heating controller is able to be programmed to your needs.


  • 30 basic solar systems selectable
  • Pump speed control
  • Solar operating hours counter
  • Heat quantity mesurement
  • 12 sensor inputs and 14 relay outputs
  • Easy function control with only 3 pushbuttons
  • RESOL VBus* for control from a distance
  • Extended optional functions, e.g. solid fuel boiler function with mixer and target temperature control

Your solar control unit may include the following options: standard solar system, 2-store systems, east/west collectors, heating circuit back-up, heat exchange regulation, thermostatic after heating, solid hot fuel boilers, add-on functions and options such as heat quantity measurement, collector cooling function, tube collector special function, anti-freeze function, minimum temperature limitation, pump speed control, balancing of heat quantity output, function control according to BAW-guidelines.