How the Solar Rosa System works

The hot water storage is the HEART of the system with closed loops to all other components of the system. The high quality solar panels supply the hot water cylinder with hot water pumped through a heat exchanger coil included in the hot water cylinder or in a separate pump module (not shown in the picture). The cylinder has an integrated patented technique, which optimises the precision of the load and flow, in and out of the storage tank with no turbulence, creating three temperature layers.

SolarQi - Heating Systems / Hydraulics - German TechnologyOptional to the solar panels, an air/water heat pump, wood burner/wetback, gas or electric backup etc. can be connected to the hot water storage cylinder.

The hot water on top of the cylinder heats up your fresh domestic water instantly. This occurs through an external heat exchanger in the fresh water module without getting in touch with your drinking water and so the water flows back only 5-7 degrees lower into the intermediate storage zone. The fresh water module prevents the cultivation of Legionella and other bacteria caused by storing warm water over a period of time.

The hot water storage cylinder keeps the temperature for 48 hours. As soon as the outside and room temperature falls under a set temperature the water from the intermediate zone in the HWC circulates through the pipes of the underfloor and wall heating circuits or a connected pool heating system.

The graphics shows a simplified drawing of our solar heating system.

Solar Hot Water & Underfloor Heating by Solar Rosa, Nelson, NZ