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Hydronic Solar Underfloor & Wall Heating

Solar under floor heating is the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly room heating available. ''Right House' recommends a hydronic under floor system embedded in a well insulated concrete slab when building a new house.
Underfloor & Wall Heatings are retrofittable in existing houses.

Installation Options:

  • Invisible hydronic wall heating with plaster or prefixed wall boards
  • Underfloor heating in well insulated concrete ground slab fixed on re-enforcing mesh
  • Underfloor heating in a topping screed for floors to be fitted with floor coverings and on second or third floors levels

Hydronic underfloor heating is one of the oldest kinds of central heating and we have efficient economic solutions for new houses and as a retrofit for existing houses. The Jaraflex pipe for underfloor heating is installed in the insulated concrete slab to keep the thermal mass at room temperature. Our under floor and wall piping system creates very comfortable and healthy, evenly rising warmth throughout the house. The special patent design of Jaraflex heat reflecting mat radiation transfers 40% more warmth up towards your feet.

The special patent design of the Jaraflex1 radiation saves you 40% of the warmth in your underfloor heating system towards your warm feet!

'Right House' recommends a hydronic underfloor system embedded in good insulated concrete slab when building a new house. For existing houses we can supply a very efficient economic solution as a retrofit with invisible hydronic wall heating.

Jarraflex hydronic underfloor heating system Hydronic underfloor heating installation


1Jaraflex is our Austrian underfloor heating specialist and supplier