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A review from one of our Solar Rosa Home customers

February 2013

Q: What spurred you on to go for a solar thermal system in the first place?
A: You have to do it for the environment. I had been looking into it for a while and wanted a sustainable house with a good quality system. This particular system seemed to be the best, it provides hot water and underfloor heating minimizes a large portion of your monthly power bill.

Q: What do you think of the underfloor heating?
A: I would recommend the Jaraflex underfloor heating with good insulation. This underfloor piping sits close to the surface so is much more efficient.

Q: Is there any maintenance required with the system?
A: Maintenance is non-existent; you just need to learn a few aspects of how to tune the system to your own personal requirements.

I am very pleased I chose the system. This solar thermal closed loop system supplied by Solar Rosa Home is the best by a long way!

Genersys Solar Panels Solar Hot Water Installation

Tasman Nelson Environment Awards

British Spares Warehouse in Upper Moutere

Tasman Nelson Environment Award Winner 2011 - Best Use of Renewable Energy

Installation includes:

  • 16sqm of Genersys high efficient flat solar panels installed at 46 degree north, ideal solar gain at this location and filled with glycol mix for best heat transfer and performance all year round
  • 1000L hot water storage cylinder with external heat exchanger for domestic hot water
  • 9 heating circuits fixed on over 80sqm of different wall area with automatic controlled motor mixing valve for a low temperature wall radiation
Visit their website for further information.


420m² insulated warehouse (300m² storage, 120m² workshop/office/kitchen) 
1000L Hot Water Cyclinder, Pump, Heat Exchanger & Expansion Vessel
80m² Solar Wall Heating installed Finished plastered wall with integrated heating

Cutting-edge solar-heating system installed in Rangihaeata house

21. Jan 2010 The G.B. Weekly (Golden Bay)

Only the second unit of what is currently the most high-tech and quite possibly the most efficient home solar-heating system yet imported into this country has been installed in a new Rangihaeata Road home. Owner Adriana Morani says she went for the German-engineered Solar Rosa Home hot water and underfloor heating system, even though it came with a $20,000 price tag, because it would repay long-term dividends.

“Basically, I'll never have to worry about where the hot water is coming from ever again. Even a few days of complete cloud will hardly affect it, that's how efficient it is,” she says.
Six ultra-sleek solar panels on her roof now heat her 800-litre, insulated steel hot-water cylinder downstairs, which works in conjunction with conducted underfloor heating throughout the 130-square-metre house. read more »