Solar - It's the Future!

We all know energy prices are rising and we all know about the environmental impact we're causing by using non renewable energy.

Our passion and aim is to change this!

  • We feel strongly that each household should be able to use the free energy from the sun provided by solar on our roofs
  • We feel strongly that the way of the economy needs to change.
  • We feel strongly our carbon footprint needs to decrease and fast!

The demand for electricity and hot water will keep increasing, therefore power prices will also keep increasing. This could be astronomical in years to come! Wouldn't the future look rosier with complete self sufficient power use, the environment and air cleaner to breathe due to no new power plants being built.

Ambitious, but we are!

Make a change today and reduce your carbon footprint!

What can we do about this?

We are realistic in our approach to guiding you along the way for a sustainable future. Solar Rosa uses the latest and best technology imported straight from South Germany that is proven most efficient and long living. We design installations individual to your home with the aim of giving you a sustainable investment sure to repay itself in years to come. We also make sure your power needs are met and your power is reliable, comfortable and healthy. We ensure you the best customer service possible.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority Tasman Nelson Environment Awards

Tasman Nelson Environment Award Winner 2011

Solar Rosa Home received the Environment Award for "Best Use of Renewable Energy"
Recognised as best practise in renewable energy projects in Tasman and Nelson.
The entered project is the "British Spares" warehouse in Upper Moutere that has been outfitted with solar hot water and wall heating. See details of this project here: British Spares Warehouse

Official Tasman Nelson Environment Awards website