Innovative Solar Heating System

Hot Water, Underfloor &
Wall Heating

We use leading German Solar Technology to ensure reliability
and a long lifetime.
Solar Panels by ThermoSolar

Solar Heating Technology

Solar Rosa uses the latest solar technology to create a healthy and equally distributed warmth.
Reduce your carbon footprint while saving on your powerbill by using a sustainable solar water heating system that combines domestic water heating and underfloor heating. We use innovative technology from Germany that is proven, most efficient and long-living to build individual solutions for your home.

Why choose Solar Rosa?

Our system and why we stand out:

  • One system for all your hot water needs

    Domestic Hot Water, Underfloor and Wall Heating, Pool Heating, Radiators and Towel Rails.

  • Affordable

    Solar Rosa's prices are very competitive. We calculate the system specifically for you so the payback time is less than 10 years.

  • Retrofittable

    Our designs are compatible to be fitted in most existing NZ homes and commercial buildings.

  • Low maintenance

    ThermoSolar TS300 solar panels do not require any maintenance. The glass does not require cleaning and there are no user serviceable parts.

  • Ease of control

    The solar heating controller is programmed to your needs.

  • Long lifetime and Guarantee

    Our solar panels have a 20 year performance guarantee and an expected lifetime of more than 35 years. The hot water storage tank has an extremely long life span without any risk of boiler scale or rust.

  • No over heating or freezing

    The Glycol mix inside the solar panels won't freeze and our high tech controller prevents it from over heating.

  • Innovative & hygienic closed loop system

    No energy is lost or wasted in our closed loop system and Legionella won't stand a chance with our fresh water heat exchanger.

  • Space saving installation

  • Healthy and comfortable warmth

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority Tasman Nelson Environment Awards

Tasman Nelson Environment Award Winner 2011

Solar Rosa Home received the Environment Award for "Best Use of Renewable Energy"
Recognised as best practise in renewable energy projects in Tasman and Nelson.
The entered project is the "British Spares" warehouse in Upper Moutere that has been outfitted with solar hot water and wall heating. See details of this project here: British Spares Warehouse

Official Tasman Nelson Environment Awards website

*** If you have any questions or require more information please don't hesitate to contact us.